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Empowering Businesses since 2000

Welcome to J.A. Finance, conveniently located Online. Here, our professionals know that bookkeeping  is not just about paying bills: it’s about having strong foundation and up to date figures. It’s about empowering businesses through communication and understanding! Our mission is to help our clients accomplish their goals in a respectful and efficient way.

Our commitment to our clients is toempower them through, understanding of their business in line with their Values, so they are on the right path and fulfilling their business goals.

Being passionate about communication, providing clarity with real time information & guidance aroundtheir finances & bookkeeping so that they have more control of their business and their lives.

We aim to educate our clients in an environment while offering them necessary comprehensive service. We understand that many people have anxiety about taxes, so we created a service and a scheduling system that keeps you compliant with deadlines. By combining the latest technology with traditional processes, we give our clients the best service in Bookkeeping.

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Jacalyn Anne FENECH

Jacalyn has been bookkeeping for 40yrs.

Owned and operated a Newsagency for 14 years, giving her hands on experience with small business.

J.A. Finance Solutions was developed while she was Finance Broking and saw the need for Bookkeeping Services especially after the introduction of GST.

The business has grown by word of mouth referrals from delighted clients and thankful accountants.

J. A. Finance became a Pure Bookkeeping licensee to give clients the best constant ongoing service .

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